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Optical Filter Guide

Optical FIlter Guide - SpectroFilm, Inc.

SpectroFilm manufactures optical filters for:

  • Research and Development
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Technical Assistance
  • Central Wavelengths 254-2500 nm
  • High Volume Production
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Support
  • Military Inspections

In the high technology world of constant change, one element, the "High Precision Optical Interference Filter" has remained essentially unchanged for almost 40 years. These extremely compact optical elements offer a number of advantages over other types of elements designed to isolate discreet spectra.


  • 5 to 500 times higher energy transmission than ruled and holographic grating monochronometers.
  • 10 to 1000 times better out-of-band rejection of unwanted wavelengths resulting in 10,000-100,000 to 1 signal to noise ratios (40-50 db attenuation) This is due to the materials used in the manufacture of interference filters.
  • Passbands are highly defined, (approaching square wave) passing from maximum attenuation to maximum transmission and back again more quickly than other spectral isolation methods.
  • Interference filters experience 1/10 the amount of spectral shift with temperature experienced by absorptive filters.


  • Evaporated films are soft and somewhat hydroscopic, but with care in manufacturing and use, can last 10+ years.
  • Depending on application, and coating complexity, interference filters of this type can be more expensive.

The following is designed to aid engineers in the specification of passband filters and to show some of the choices and trade-offs available. Each filter specification is discussed and details shown each affects or is affected by other parameters.

Those familiar with filter design and operation may use this booklet as a technical discussion paper to review various technical aspects of filters.

The central portion of this booklet provides a partial listing of filters available by half bandwidth. Please note that the filters described in this section are for reference and provide only a portion of the total capabilities of SpectroFilm.

Our Optical Filter Guide contains a complete listing of our stock filters.
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